Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my best bff ever !

Phillip Chong Kei Yern

(Kawan aku yg pling100000000x rpt)
-both of us are well-known prefects . haha
-friend ! I still remember the day we met for the first time . haha
we caught into fight . lol .sebab nak rebutkan tempat duduk . dalam kelas .wth ! hahaaha the day after . we became more n more closed . whoa~~ . blue-minded . gila2 . haha . smart . and no doubt u're good swimmer . and thanks sbb menghasilkan lot of medals for the school . . damn ! I'm so proud of u . hahahaha ! And I'm touched . ngee ! and I'm wondered why u always wanted to sat beside me . funny meyh ! lol lol . da ke patut dia boleh bergaduh sebab nak duduk sebelah aku dalam bas . about 3 years kita dalam bas yang sama . and sepanjang 3 thn tu la u dok sebelah i . terharu ! haha . waktu assembly . ponteng tugas . malas nak jaga then we moved to the main gate . jaga pintu depan . very syook . haha . xda orang boleh marah kita . coz y . sbb kita kan yakuza. nah kidding jkjk . bila u kena tugas jadi master of ceremony(mc) for sure u'll choose me to be ur co-mc . gila ! haha kalau aku xkena baca doa . aku kena baca school mission ,vision,ikrar and school statement !!!! but i still enjoyed myself . aku ingat lagi sebab boleh dikatan dalam sebulan 2/3 kali aku naik pentas tuh . choyyyy ! haha

Ikrar sekolah yang menjadi kalbu hatiku :-

Up .(angkat tangan)

"It is our bounden duty to uphold the Honour of the School at all times and in all places, both now as boys and girls and old boys and old girls. The Honour of the School will not be upheld by talking or writing. It is by his conduct that a man is judged: his deeds speaks louder than words, and in a little example persuadeth more than precept.

From the School is to be learnt than the wisdom of books: the conduct of a good man and true may be learnt at school.

A good man and true scorns to succeed by means that are dishonest. He never gives in, he never admits defeat. After being punished or blamed, he does not sulk or complain. He never deserts his friends, his Colour or his School under any circumstances. Above all he will stand up for the king, the king who keeps his enemies beyond boundaries within which we live and without which, murder, oppression, famine and robbery would stalk through province. To him while we shelter beneath his flag, gratitude and goodness demand our outspoken loyalty."

Down .(Turun tangan) :P

- TO BE CONTINUED mengantuk hee :)

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